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This is specifically where we can be of help to you!

Velvish SMS provides transactional and promotional Text SMS services at very reasonable prices with 24/7 support and guaranteed 100% instant delivery.

In the modern age of mobile revolution, it is highly important to keep in touch with technology at all times. In order for a large scale business to flourish you need to be constantly in touch with the masses. Bulk SMS is one of the easiest way for sending any information to a large audience. All it takes is a click and you can have bulk messages delivered throughout the country in a matter of moments. Yes, Bulk Messaging Service is the solution to one’s marketing problems.

With the help of Velvish SMS you can now easily send BULK SMS online to a specific audience by following some simple steps. Just create an account in a matter of seconds and start sending your SMS Advertisements or SMS Alerts in a matter of seconds. With the help of Velvish SMS, you can now leave behind all your worries of excessive charges for sending SMS.

Our Pricing

Quantity Range Promotional Route Transactional Route OTP Route
10 Rs.0 (Demo Credits) Rs.0 (Demo Credits) Rs.0 (Demo Credits)
10000 Rs.2000 (20 Paise/SMS) Rs.2200 (22 Paise/SMS) Rs.2800 (28 Paise/SMS)
25000 Rs.4750 (19 Paise/SMS) Rs.5250 (21 Paise/SMS) Rs.6750 (27 Paise/SMS)
50000 Rs.9000 (18 Paise/SMS) Rs.10000 (20 Paise/SMS) Rs.13000 (26 Paise/SMS)
100000 Rs.17000 (17 Paise/SMS) Rs.19000 (19 Paise/SMS) Rs.25000 (25 Paise/SMS)
500000 Rs.80000 (16 Paise/SMS) Rs.90000 (18 Paise/SMS) Rs.120000(24 Paise/SMS)
1000000 Rs.150000 (15 Paise/SMS) Rs.170000 (17 Paise/SMS) Rs.230000 (23 Paise/SMS)
5000000 Rs.700000 (14 Paise/SMS) Rs.800000 (16 Paise/SMS) Rs.1100000 (22 Paise/SMS)
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